LTE Advanced 4G Wireless Internet for Business

LTE Advanced 4G Wireless Internet for Business

We offer LTE Advanced 4G wireless Internet for business customers who need
high speed, wireless Internet access. LTE-A is a Verizon name, the actual industry
term is Carrier Aggregation, also known as channel bonding for wireless, multiple
frequencies are broadcast from the same cell tower with up to 13 available paths,
each is a separate channel for Internet download. CAT6 chip set routers are
required for LTE-A and they are future-proofed, so they will detect a Bonded
LTE signal as it becomes available for use.

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LTE Advanced 4G Wireless Internet

The LTE Advanced services we offer include the following features:
Cat-6 Router
Ethernet Handoff
Paddle Antennas   
Dual Sim Load
PoE power
Signal Strength Metrics in real time
Per site underlying carrier qualification
NO SPRINT, Cricket or any other MVNO
External Antennae available
Directional Antennae available

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you will be glad you did.

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